Article by Eduardo Anitua in the March issue of “Dentista Moderno”

Dr. Eduardo Anitua signs the article “Influencia de la proporción corona-implante en la carga inmediata unitaria en implantes extra-cortos de 6,5 mm de longitud. Serie de casos”, published in number 57 (March) of the journal El Dentista Moderno.

The article explains how the immediate loading of short and extra-short implants is being included in the therapeutic protocols in oral implantology, giving way to a new range of possibilities when it comes to restoring the atrophic maxilla. The problem of the unfavorable crown-implant ratio has been studied in different works on short and extra-short implants because they are used to rehabilitate large vertical atrophies and this generally generates large crowns on short implants. This disproportion may be more critical in protocols such as immediate loading and for this reason this topic is investigated in the present work. This study, in which several clinical cases were analyzed, concludes that the immediate unit load in implants of 6.5 mm in length by means of unit transepithelial and the use of interfaces is not a risk factor for generating greater bone loss or implant failure, even in cases of unfavorable crown-implant ratio or increased CHS.

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